A business you can trust*

Some businesses are built on trust. Trust means you can believe what is said to you, that you’ll get what you thought you were asking for, and that after sales service won’t run out just as you need it.

During the nearly 40 years Greene Eden has been in the business, it has been our chief focus to ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible outcomes.

When you enter into an agreement or contract for the supply and installation of an irrigation system below ground, you need to trust the contractor to use the specified product, to use pipe and fittings that meet Australian standards, and installation processes that are Industry Best Practice. The work will probably be carried out with little supervision and the contractor is in a position of trust.

But do you get what you pay for?

A sportsfield upgrade is heavily reliant on delivering a fertiliser program that will meet the unique requirements of the site. A ‘one size fits all’ approach is not the way it should be done.

The results of our work can be seen in the growth on sportsfields and fit-for-purpose playing surfaces. Our irrigation designs and installation processes can be measured by turf growth outcomes and long product life. The quality of our fertiliser programs can be measured by turf quality, and a positive lift in soil nutrient levels. Everything that we do is measureable.

Greene Eden has built its business on service and trust.
With customer relationships built on trust Green Eden will be there for you when you have queries, or need some help, even long after the works have been completed.

We’re happy to provide referees and lists of completed projects that you can inspect for yourself.

‘Trust’ and ‘Service’ is what sets us apart from the others.

*Copy supplied by Greene Eden