New vision for remote region

Article image - New vision for  remote region Residents of Mapoon turned out in numbers to discuss the Shire’s new opportunities.

Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council, Queensland, held community consultations, in early June, to discuss an incredible $13 million injection of funding from State and Federal Governments, and The Western Cape Trust, to overhaul infrastructure and invest in the region during 2018.

Over 100 residents attended the Council facilitated information day which outlined progressive plans for the remote Queensland region including a new aged care facility, a community splash park and an exciting arts and culture centre.

Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council Mayor, Aileen Addo, says this collaborative approach with governments charts a new direction for the region.

“Council is working hard to deliver for the region, and we are driving progress that shifts towards greater ownership and control for our families, while advancing a connectedness with other tiers of Government.”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Naseem Chetty, said these changes for Mapoon will mean securing a more sustainable future, ‘a future where there is greater opportunities for local Indigenous residents to gain valuable skills’.

“Major projects in the region increase the capacity building of our residents and instil greater pride and employment opportunities for families.

“Council and governments are working towards streamlining services while empowering our Top - End community.”

The meeting informed residents and stakeholders about Council’s aims to progress the region’s economy.

“We are building confidence; Council will generate jobs, improve community facilities and protect natural assets.”

CEO Chetty said Council aims to ensure investment for new businesses and infrastructures increases.

“In 2019, Council will deliver major projects in excess of $18 million, a great (Government) investment that will ultimately allow greater opportunity for our local Indigenous residents.”