Engaging Change: Meet Dinuki Scharenguivel*

Article image - Engaging Change: Meet Dinuki Scharenguivel* Dinuki Scharenguivel

Creating an organisation committed to community engagement isn’t an easy task. It takes a dedicated influencer to help drive organisational change. Meet Dinuki Scharenguivel.

Dinuki recently joined Bang the Table as Engagement Manager, where she brings over ten years’ experience steering widespread organisational adoption of community engagement in local government.

After ‘falling in love’ with the Bang the Table’s commitment to engagement practice, Dinuki joins the team to help local government organisations leverage online engagement projects and enhance opportunities for communities to get involved in decisions that affect their everyday lives.

Before joining the team, Dinuki worked at the City of Casey for 11 years and led organisational change to embed community engagement.

Here she developed Casey’s first Community Engagement Strategy and managed Council’s biggest ever community led advocacy campaign - Commit to Casey - that lobbied the State Government for funding commitments of $2.7 billion in transport infrastructure for Casey’s growing community.

Dinuki said, “Engagement should be an on-going communication journey.”

At Bang the Table, she continues to work with growth councils like the City of Wyndham, where she is helping them to activate their community to participate in engagement projects and get behind advocacy campaigns that are important to their growing community.

Transitioning to Bang the Table, Dinuki said it was a professional fait-accompli: “A company that really gets it, that really understands the challenges that local government grapple with in regard to online engagement.”

*Copy supplied by Bang the Table