Activity-based costing success at Sorell*

Sorell has been one of the fastest growing municipalities in Tasmania for many years. However Sorell Council’s infrastructure planning and development for a growing community was exceeding the ability of its internal systems and resources.

Council knew things had to change, and committed to improve resourcing, financial transparency and process improvement to make this happen.

Council shifted its entire approach to asset management.
They engaged Assetic in 2013 and have been transitioning from a Managed Services approach since, while staff and systems were brought up to speed.

Today the Council team, led by senior staff Brenton Oakley and Darren Johnson, has implemented Assetic’s cloud software across all activities and operates with full autonomy.  

Manager Engineering & Regulatory Services, Russell Fox, said, “Assetic provides a contemporary foundation for our long-term financial management plan.

“We can now measure future efficiencies in both our maintenance and inspection practises, as well as the delivery of our capital programs.

“This is possible because the solution includes mobile field service management and is complete with updated valuation and condition assessment data.”

Council has made strong headway into achieving activity-based costing for maintenance activities, tracked and reported through not only Assetic but also internal systems.

“This contributes to achieving audit compliance, and helps ensure financial ratios are in sync with the long-term financial plan.”
Accurate data flows from field to office delivering operational efficiencies organisation-wide, and analysis and modelling of this data assists Council to fulfil promised levels of service to the community.

*Copy supplied by Assetic