Wattle Cloud Platform*

Anomaly Software has a track record of building platforms for local government.

Over the last decade, we have collaborated with councils and joint organisations in the Riverina and delivered platforms that have becomes staples in Internet commerce and waste management.

We are currently redeveloping the REROC nationwide service Safe Sharps, an anonymous disposal location finder for sharps users. Safe Sharps is a well received platform supported by NSW Health and Diabetes NSW.

Amongst other industries, the team at Anomaly has built platforms in higher education for Charles Sturt University and in healthcare for Quality Practice Accreditation.

Early last year, Anomaly collaborated with our long term customers Coolamon and Temora shire councils to build the foundation of an Internet commerce platform for local government. Operational since October 2017, Wattle Cloud Platform is now opening it’s doors to everyone.

We have set ourselves the mission to accelerate the digital transformation of local government by building an Internet platform that’s affordable, transparent and inclusive for our customers. Every feature is informed by our council customers and built for purpose.

Our debut feature is a certificate ordering and digital fulfilment back office. With payments and integration to your ratings data, Wattle brings a workflow management tool to assist in fulfilling orders.

We are currently working on extending the workflow to other services like GIPA requests. With geolocation services built into the foundation, we are on the mission to bring council services into the digital space.

Visit us on www.wattle.cloud to find out more about what we can do for your council.

*Copy supplied by Anomaly Software