Time to play

Article image - Time to play Mayor Findley receives help to open the new playground

City of Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Mayor, Amanda Findley has officially opened the Pacific City Park at Bayswood to the community.

The original playground, installed in 2008, has been plagued by its low-lying location with regular waterlogging due to the close proximity of a waterway and soil condition limitations.

Council recognised that the waterlogging also compromised the normal lifespan of the existing playground and decided to relocate the playground to a new site at a cost of $109,944.

The new playground has been built on adjacent higher ground with an additional above ground 200mm concrete edge with ag-line drainage to further prevent any water pooling in the playground.

The old playground site will have new soil added and be turned into native gardens by park care groups.

The original blue and white feature poles will stay on the site and be one of the main features in the native gardens.

The Mayor said, “Council has worked side by side with the Bayswood community since October 2016 to ensure they were part of choosing the preferred playground designed. 

“We wanted to ensure it was their playground and that they were proud of it.”