Lights on at saleyards

Cootamundra– Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC), has allocated $300,000 from the Stronger Communities Fund major projects program to undertake an electrical upgrade and installation of new lighting at the Cootamundra Saleyards.

The existing lighting is currently inadequate compared to current livestock handling standards.

The standards indicate lighting should be carefully positioned to give even light over ramps, races, yards and pens to avoid glare and to minimise shadows.

It should be installed to avoid, as far as possible, shadows and dark areas across laneways and in drafting yards, particularly where animals are drafted at night. Animals need to see a clear path in front of them.

The new lighting will be a welcome addition for agents, truck drivers and those who need to use the yards at night.

The new lights will be more energy efficient which is ultimately cost effective and environmentally friendly.

The electrical upgrade will allow for increased power needs into the future, address safety hazards and improve the overall quality of the electrical system.

The saleyards has been upgraded recently with the construction of two new sheep loading ramps, associated infrastructure and upgraded electric winches.

Mayor, Abb McAlister, said the lighting at the saleyards was a priority project.

“This project needs to be done for Cootamundra’s saleyards to remain competitive and in demand into the future. We need to provide services that are up to standard and are cost effective.”