Itís never too late to learn to swim

Article image - Itís never too late to learn to swim Aqua Learn to Swimís Pip the Penguin and Patricia Power

After a lifetime of being afraid of the water, at 87 years old, Pat finally took the plunge and decided to learn how to swim.

Mayor of Blacktown City, Councillor Stephen Bali MP says it is great to see one of the City’s older residents in the Adult Learn to Swim Program.

“I congratulate Pat: she has reminded us we can all conquer our fears if we persist and that we are never too old to learn a new skill.
“Our adult Learn to Swim classes are great for parents and grandparents who would like to join their kids and grandkids in the water but are fearful due to their own weak swimming skills”.

Pat has had a fear of the water ever since she was 4.

Pat started swimming with Aqua Learn to Swim at Emerton in Term 1, 2018 and, at the beginning, was too scared to enter the water by herself. Swimming lessons are now the highlight of Pat’s week.

With winter just around the corner the idea of swimming often loses its appeal, but it is beneficial to maintain your swimming skills all year round.

The Aqua Learn to Swim Adults program caters for all ages and abilities. The classes teach skills such as water confidence, strength in swimming and stroke development.