Invaluable volunteers

Article image - Invaluable volunteers Volunteering in the City of Perth

The City of Perth’s volunteers are the friendly faces you may see at the iCity Visitor Information Service and the Citiplace Community Centre.

Through their actions, they empower almost every person they encounter, encouraging the people they assist and inspiring others to help too.

Seventy-two volunteers contribute more than 280 hours per week at the Citiplace Community Centre – a friendly service hub for seniors and people with disabilities.

One such volunteer is David Astridge who plays the piano in the dining room for a couple of hours a day.

A retired music teacher and British migrant, 79-year-old David has been playing at Citiplace since Christmas 2004.

“I had stopped in (Citiplace) for a sandwich and a coffee and I just saw this piano with a cover on it. I thought to myself, I wonder how this piano sounds? I asked the manager if I could play it and the next thing I know, she’s ringing up asking if I could come and play for the people there.”

Making locals and visitors feel welcome in the central business district, the City of Perth’s iCity volunteers are also invaluable.

Now in its 16th year, the iCity program sees 78 volunteers dedicate their time as ambassadors at the kiosk and as City Tour Guides.

Retired teacher Maxine Muir has been a friendly face at the iCity kiosk for more than two years.

“After arriving, greeting colleagues, setting up the kiosk with the many informative brochures available, the windows are opened ready to greet our visitors,” she said.

“There is so much to be gained from volunteering.  For me, meeting other like-minded people and developing new friendships has been one of the major benefits.”