Festival celebrating veteran trees

Article image - Festival celebrating veteran trees A family fun day to celebrate the environment

Redland City Council, Queensland’s Indigi Day Out and Folk Redlands Festival of Music is the biggest event on the local calendar, marking the end of National Reconciliation Week and the opening of the Quandamooka Festival early this month.

Mayor, Karen Williams, said this year’s theme was all about the importance and value of veteran trees that not only provide shade in the heat, and the air to breathe, but provide sanctuary for wildlife in their old, gnarled limbs.

Indigi Day Out is a celebration of the Redlands’ environmental character and its cultural heritage.

“It’s our annual free family fun day featuring environmental exhibitions and folk music.”

The Mayor said nature was a great tonic for busy and stressful lifestyles, so it is important to take the time to appreciate some of the beautiful established trees that can help ease anxieties and improve one’s mood.

The knowledgeable IndgiScapes team were on hand to answer questions about bushcare, environmental partnerships, wildlife, waste reduction, waterways, or to offer tips on having a wildlife-friendly backyard.

Activities on the day included Sparky Do Dah Nature Play and bushwalks, gumnut craft with local artist Karen Benjamin, weed weaving a new ephemeral hut for the playground, story cloth art, face painting including an exhibition of full body painting by Fairy Raine, and Geckoes wildlife displays for the kids.

The day ended with families kicking back to listen to Helen Ashworth, an accomplished contemporary storyteller-in-song, who  delighted the audience with her guitar rhythms and song.