Berry to join recharge network

The tiny New South Wales village of Berry has been identified as a key candidate location to install an Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) Facility as part of the NRMA Pty Ltd (NRMA) broader intended roll out.

The Berry EVC project will deliver the only generally accessible fast-charging station between Sydney and the Victorian Border and will be part of the NRMA’s proposal to build Australia’s largest fast charger network across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory with funding from their Social Dividend Investment Strategy.

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor, Amanda Findley, said she wholeheartedly backs the installation of a Fast Charger facility in Berry to improve Electric Vehicle infrastructure in the region.

“Lack of charging facilities is often a barrier for drivers to purchase an Electric Vehicle and tourists are often hard pressed to find somewhere to plug in if they take their electric car on holidays,” the Mayor said.

“The installation of an EVC facility at this site is still in the early stages of delivery, however given that Council is likely to receive other approaches of this type in the future, Council staff are now preparing a clear policy to guide EVC facilities that are proposed to be located on public land.

“As an EV driver ‘range anxiety’ is certainly something that gets deeply considered when making purchase decisions.

“The new generation electric vehicles that are soon to come to Australia will encourage more people to ditch internal combustion engines for new technology.

“Decarbonising our economy is an imperative, NRMA as an insurance company are assisting their customers to transition and that is a good thing for our combined futures.”