Young people meet with industry insiders

City of Whitehorse businesses are being engaged to give back to the community when they share with young people insights about their industry and the career paths available in it.

Whitehorse Mayor, Andrew Davenport said the partnership with the Gateway Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) recruits local businesses for the event at which they meet young people during ‘speed interviews.’

“This Speed X Interviews event runs over two hours and is a session with a difference and should be fun and informative.

“It is a great chance for local business people to engage with young people who are at risk of disengagement from education and employment.

“The short interviews are set up so young people can quickly and easily get answers to their questions and learn about the skills and education they will need to take on various employment.”

Local workers, business people and residents are invited to participate and share what they know about their industry and career paths available, with a focus on vocations that can be achieved through certificate courses, hands-on training and apprenticeships.

These vocations include: trades, hospitality, sport, health and fitness, hair and beauty, the health sector, community services, emergency services, IT, media, start-ups, and entertainment.