Technology enables HR turnaround in Local Government*

Historically, human resources (HR) teams in local government tended to focus on transactional processes.

Today, the industry is attracting highly experienced practitioners who are strategic thinkers, using technology as an enabler of process and as a means to drive and deliver HR strategy.

HR is the monitor that ensures employees have the appropriate training and qualifications in place.

It is the owner of the performance management process that ensures minimum standards are met and compliance is achieved.

The combination of HR and corporate leadership is mitigating risk and repositioning local councils as competent and accountable businesses.

As a leading supplier of human capital management (HCM) solutions to the government sector, Frontier Software has been actively involved in enabling best practice HR processes within the industry.

Frontier Software’s integrated payroll and HR solution, ichris, offers payroll, HR, learning and development, recruitment, performance management and workplace health and safety modules.

Using ichris, government clients have been able to identify and align the skill sets required for each position within their organisation.

They are then able to identify employee skill gaps and schedule the necessary training.

Recruitment can also be managed within the solution.
Applicants are carefully assessed as part of the pre-screening process, unsuitable candidates can be discreetly screened out and qualified but unsuccessful candidates can be added to a talent pool to provide a go-to resource when new opportunities arise.

Ichris facilitates ongoing assessment of employee performance.
Every employee can be assigned a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) and be regularly assessed against them. Staff can then be benchmarked against tailored performance measures, which aids in training and succession planning activities.

Mobile and online self-service portals ensure employees can easily submit leave, change personal details and apply for training, wherever they are.

The Frontier Software ichris solution also integrates to third party providers such as rostering or time and attendance systems, further enabling adequate staffing and competence levels across the organisation.

*Copy supplied by Frontier Software