Revolutionising permitting process*

Mornington Peninsula Shire, Victoria, is leading the way in technology through successful implementation of the centralised online permit management solution PermitAccess from PelicanCorp.

The Shire was already an existing client to PelicanCorp utilising the TicketAccess system to automate the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) response process.

In a huge step forward to complete the automation of their services, the Shire has become the first council in Australia to implement PermitAccess.

PermitAccess is the end-to-end cloud solution for applicants and Permit Authorities to apply for, review and approve permit requests by combining and automating the processes with the submission of a DBYD enquiry and applying for a permit.

Asset Protection Officer Service Authorities at Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS), Cameron Cantley-Smith, said, “When processing over 10,000 enquires through DBYD per annum, we knew there was a large number of permit applications we were missing.

”Our contractors can now access our systems and information much quicker. What was previously an average of 10 business days turn around time for a permit can now usually be achieved within 48 hours.

“After investigating PermitAccess with PelicanCorp, whom we already had a trusted partnership with, MPS realised the ability to automate would not only ensure all projects followed the correct permit procedure, but that we would have far greater awareness and save time and resources.

“The team at PelicanCorp worked with us at MPS to configure PermitAccess to suit our local permitting requirements and business workflows. Contractors using the DBYD service for asset plan locations now automatically have their permit applications delivered to MPS.

“The team are then able to communicate with the contractors, to invoice them online for their permit, and once payment has been received send the permit. “The contractor can then advise council of when they commence and complete their works.

“This enables us to be able to go out on site and confirm the works were done to council satisfaction.”
*Copy supplied by PelicanCorp