Regional program for trainees

Article image - Regional program  for trainees The latest member of the District Council of Kimba’s Corporate Services team, Hayley Jericho, with Mayor Dean Johnson, Senior Administration Officer Keely Westhoff and Chief Executive Officer Deb Larwood after joining the organisation through the Regional Youth Traineeship Program.

An innovative collaboration between regional Councils, the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) and the state government is allowing the District Council of Kimba to provide a local solution to trainees wanting to carve out a career in the public sector.

Through the Regional Youth Traineeship Program (RYTP), funded by the South Australian government and coordinated by the LGA, Council has recruited its second trainee in 12 months, who is now being mentored by the program’s first Kimba success story.

Hayley Jericho said, “Since beginning my traineeship at the District Council of Kimba, I’m really looking forward to gaining real-life experience in the workforce while also furthering my studies through the Career Employment Group.”

Jericho’s mentor is Senior Administration Officer, Keely Westhoff, who finished her 12 month traineeship in January with a Certificate III in Business and Certificate III in Business Administration before securing a permanent role with Council’s Corporate Services team.

“I started my traineeship having extremely limited knowledge about the positive impact that Councils have on the community – my experience over the past year has allowed me to see exactly what happens in local government, and just how much councils do for their communities.”

Mayor, Dean Johnson, said, “In communities across regional South Australia (SA), councils are often one of the largest employers of locals, and it’s no different in Kimba.

He said that the Regional Youth Traineeship Program had allowed Council to employ two members of the community, which had set them up in local government, but also ensured that they could remain on the Eyre Peninsula while developing their careers.

LGA President, Lorraine Rosenberg, said, “The Regional Youth Traineeship Program is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when state government, councils and the LGA work together.

“In regional SA, this program helps young people aged 17 to 24 gain practical work experience and qualifications, without having to leave their communities.

“This is important, as it helps keep our regional communities alive and sustainable.

“It also provides participating councils with an injection of youth and energy, and assists with their strategies to address maturing workforces.”