Online platform connects businesses

Article image - Online platform connects businesses Women peer mentoring

Glen Eira City Council, Victoria, has launched a trial of the Slack online collaboration platform to help facilitate connection between its local business owners and professionals.

Glen Eira City Council CEO Rebecca McKenzie says the initiative forms part of the vision to strengthen the local ‘connection economy’ by facilitating the formation of new connections through a combination of interactive face-to-face events, and an online platform that encourages communication and collaboration.

“Glen Eira has a wealth of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals.

“Through the formation of new connections and collaborations, value is unlocked and created.”

The uniquely facilitated face-to-face events result in the formation of groups with a common vision or purpose (eg. peer mentoring or a multi-discipline business collaboration), with these groups then linked via a ‘channel’ on Council’s Slack workspace, to support their establishment.

New members can then be invited to join these groups by existing members. Through the platform, Council can remain connected to these groups, link new members and continue to support them.
Individuals who join Council’s Slack workspace are encouraged to introduce themselves on a dedicated channel, making it easy for members to get to know and connect with each other.

Other channels enable the sharing of relevant resources, knowledge and events, resulting in an easily accessible databank of information that has been created by professional peers.

“This initiative emerged from Council’s community consultation and has been well received by the business and professional community.

“The platform also enables Council to have real time communication with the community, and continue to understand how Council can support them and the ongoing development of the local economy.”