Growing your own

Article image - Growing your own Trainee Brent Davies benefits from Councilís youth employment strategy.

Shoalhaven City Council, New South Wales (NSW), is gaining a reputation as a leading employer in the region that offers excellent training pathways for young people.

The City currently employs 57 apprentices, trainees and cadets as part of the evolving active youth employment strategy equating to 5.64 percent of their workforce.

Trainee, apprentice and cadet positions are available for technicians, water attendants, administration and tradespeople in a variety of areas such as Assets and Works, Shoalhaven Water, Finance and Corporate Services and Planning.

The City was awarded winner of the NSW Department of Industry 2017 Training Awards for Large Employer of the Year, for its commitment to vocational education and training.

Director of Shoalhaven Water, Carmel Krogh, said, “Working in partnership with Hunter Valley Training Company (HVTC) Shoalhaven since 2009, the Shoalhaven Water’s Traineeship Program has enabled skilled workers to pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

“Apprentices, trainees and cadets make up 10 percent of the Shoalhaven Water workforce, creating a thriving learning and teaching work place.

“Over 70 percent of our apprentices and trainee graduates end up with full time jobs at either Shoalhaven Water or Council as well, which is a fantastic result of the program.”

Human Resources Project Officer, James Pontin, recently gained successful employment after his traineeship. “I commenced working for Shoalhaven City Council in May 2017, in the position of Human Resources Cadet.

“The cadetship provided a practical understanding of Human Resources Management and allowed me to develop the skills required to work within that particular field. After completing my studies, I was offered a position with Council, which I accepted eagerly.”