Engaged employees need engaged leaders*

A growing body of research connects enhanced employee engagement to improved business outcomes such as higher productivity and performance, a reduction in costs, reduced absence, better customer service, greater creativity and improved wellbeing and morale.

Because of these connections, many councils utilise employee engagement tools as part of their learning and development and organisational strategies.

The Centre for Local Government at the University Technology Sydney has been working with councils to gather data and insights from staff utilising the People Matter for Local Government survey instrument.  

As an engagement tool, the survey provides employees with a voice on what it is like to work at their council. Responses are non-identifiable and employees are encouraged to answer questions thoughtfully and truthfully.

The survey invites feedback on areas such as role, performance and development, managers, organisational processes, equity and diversity and wellbeing, placing value on employee opinions on where the organisation is doing well, and on how it could learn and improve.

However, any tool is only effective when combined with good leadership.

It is critical that leaders act as role models within organisations, are able to explain the benefits of employee engagement and are confident to commit to action with the survey results.

Aligning positive leadership behaviours with council strategies and initiatives help staff to feel more comfortable and inclined to participate.

For further information on leadership programs and to download the People Matter for Local Government report please visit ippg.uts.edu.au.

Contact the UTS Centre for Local Government and UTS Institute for Public Policy & Governance for more information on (02) 9514 7884 or at ippg[@]uts.edu.au.

*Copy supplied by UTS