Asset management conference*

The Fifteenth National Local Government Infrastructure and Asset Management Conference 7-8 June, convened by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV).

Continuing the tradition of:

  • quality speakers from around Australia
  • ‘good practice’ knowledge-sharing, tools and templates to maximise council sustainability
  • your Council being able to implement many of the advances presented at this event
  • building credibility for local government to demonstrate ‘yes, we do manage our assets very well’

Key focus areas:

  • Now it’s all about integrated asset and financial management, supporting efficient service delivery.
  • Asset management good practice case studies:
    1. implementing integrated asset management systems and the associated business processes and behavioural change,
    2. better ways of doing business by being community-driven,
    3. winning collaborative practices by groups of councils (Australia and New Zealand),
    4. leading edge advances in asset management methodologies,
    5. is your Council really unique?
  • Road safety network planning to deliver improved outcomes;
  • Rail transport futures;
  • Councils and oversize vehicles: issues to be resolved;
  • The new heavy vehicle Chain of Responsibility laws;
  • Autonomous vehicles: implications for Councils;
  • Best practice in stormwater management;
  • National Disaster Recovery Funding Reforms: a new approach.

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*Copy supplied by MAV