A catalyst for economic development

City of Kwinana was recognised at a Committee for Perth event held last month for the pivotal role it has played in boosting Western Australia’s (WA) economy.

Chief Executive Officer, Joanne Abbiss, was included as one of the panel of guest speakers at the event Kwinana as a catalyst for economic development, which also saw the release of a special report of the same title by the University of Western Australia and the Committee for Perth as a part of the FACTBase project.

City of Kwinana Mayor, Carol Adams, said both the event and the report highlighted the significant impact the Kwinana Industrial Area had for the state and also the vast opportunities that the area would create in terms of both state revenue and job creation with the development of the Outer Harbour.

“This comprehensive report looked specifically at Kwinana as a resilient economy and as a catalyst for economic development in the Perth and Peel region.

“It highlighted how critical the Kwinana Industrial Area has become, currently creating over 13,000 jobs and contributing more than $15 billion dollars to the state’s economy.  

“The report echoed projections of the City’s – that the Kwinana Industrial Area has massive potential for growth which will cater to both the national and international markets, as a key link in the state’s global trade connections, and with the establishment of the Outer Harbour it has the potential to generate an annual revenue in the order of $42.4 billion with projected flow on effects in Australia of $28 billion.

“For the City of Kwinana, which is the second-fastest growing local government area in Western Australia, the benefits will include employment opportunities, which are expected to triple to 37,383 direct jobs for City of Kwinana and contribute to the predictions for the number of residents in the City double in the next 20 years.

The report confirmed that a number of key commitments in infrastructure and governance for the area are needed such as the Outer Harbour which will contribute substantially to the activities being carried out in the area and have a positive effect on future investment in the region.