Rail under pass link

Article image - Rail under pass link Crews worked around the clock to build the new underpass.

Orange City Council, New South Wales (NSW) has a new major piece of walking and bike riding infrastructure with the construction of a new rail under-pass tunnel under the Main Western Rail Line in south Orange.

The tunnel, 14 metres long and three metres wide, contains a combined cycle-walking path. It will be the key link in the Southern Link Cycleway, which is planned to run from the new hospital precinct and Shiralee Village, to the central business district of Orange.

Orange mayor Reg Kidd said the latest project is one of a number of initiatives delivered under the Cycling Towns grant from the roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

“This is the third and final year of the funding stream that has seen delivery of the Active Travel Plan, schools programs, mapping, brochures, signage, paths, boardwalks, on-road markings and bike racks installed throughout the city.

“All of these steps have the aim of encouraging more people to ride or walk to school or work.”

Transport for NSW has funded the $600,000 tunnel and is delivering the project through their infrastructure manager, all within the auspice of the Cycling Towns grant received from the RMS over three years, totalling over $2,000,000 of spending from the State Government and Council.