Not your average carpark

Article image - Not your average carpark This carpark will help save the planet

City of Fremantle, Western Australia, is working on what could be Perth’s most environmentally friendly carpark.

The new 155-bay Cappuccino Strip carpark on the site of the former Stan Reilly Centre on South Terrace has a range of planet-saving features.

The road base material used in the carpark was made from recycled road millings recovered when Hampton Road was resurfaced in November last year.

The carpark has been designed to capture storm water run-off to irrigate its waterwise native plants, and will also feature solar-powered lights and four charging stations for electric cars.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the carpark is an example of the City’s One Planet strategy in action.

“As a One Planet Council, looking after the planet and doing things sustainably is central to everything we do.

“Recycled road millings have also been used in the construction of the new Point Street carpark and when we upgraded our recycling centre on Montreal Street last year.

“By using recycled materials it means we don’t have to buy new limestone road base and we don’t have to pay to dispose of the stripped road material in landfill, so we’re not only saving the planet but we’re saving ratepayers money as well.”

The City of Fremantle was recognised as a One Planet Council in 2014, and became the fourth council in the world to achieve international certification in October 2015.

As part of One Planet the City has committed to 10 core sustainability principles, such as making buildings more energy efficient, reducing waste, encouraging low carbon forms of transport and using water more efficiently.

The new Cappuccino Strip carpark is expected to be open at the end of the month.