Making the data work for you*

The City of Monash has chosen the Local Government Software Solutions (LGSS) Corporate Performance Indicator Module (CPI) to help turn their data into usable information for monitoring, reporting and improving performance.

The Victorian Government requires the numbers to be collected; now councils can use that data to target areas  for improvement, celebrate successes and see where they excel and where they need to do better. With objective data and business insights, departments can focus resources where they are most needed.

The requirement to collect and monitor performance information is also likely in New South Wales with a standard indicator set being discussed in the review of the Local Government Act.

The CPI module was developed by LGSS under the PULSE framework for corporate planning and reporting, which is used by over 70 councils Australia wide. It articulates with the PULSE Performance Reporting Framework which manages the performance indicators required by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning that populate Victoria’s Know Your Council website.

LGSS Client Services Manager, Dan Wade, said “We worked extensively with councils to build this software and the one thing they all said was that it needs to be flexible.

“The new module is extremely flexible because one size doesn’t fit all; this system can be modified to suit the needs of different councils.”

The Corporate Performance Indicator module allows the City of Monash to access data from other councils across the state providing them with a broad-based service and financial performance data-gathering platform. The data collected and reported on the Know Your Council website can be drawn down and utilised to measure the City’s performance. The data is useful for internal analysis and measuring performance comparatively against like councils.

The module can be used for legislated and internal organisational indicators with no limit to the number, making the data flexible enough to mould to individual councils’ needs.

In addition to offering a powerful set of executive software modules LGSS consulting service will customise software development taking their client’s project from business conception to requirement analysis and then all the way to software delivery.

*Copy supplied by Local Government Software Solutions