Liquip Victoria – helping councils to lower their fuel operational costs*

If you’re not using Self Bunded Tanks (SBTs) to store and dispense your fuel on-site then it’s time you considered the move. Many councils are taking advantage of this approach, delivering them greater workplace efficiencies and fantastic cost savings.

SBTs come in various shapes and sizes and can hold large or small volumes. A tank’s footprint can be surprisingly small or its height very low, minimising the space you need to place a tank. They are also durable and tough, making them safe and reliable. Double steel walls to prevent spills and leaks also ensure the environment they are placed in isn’t put at risk.

Speaking with Jim Burr from Liquip Victoria he revealed, “On-site storage for fuels and associated liquids is the most efficient, cost-effective and safe way to service council needs. In a time of high retail margins at service stations, having your own storage ensures you can seek out the best wholesale pricing, rather than relying only on a local retail outlet.

“With properly manufactured long lasting equipment all products can be safely stored, and with the latest inventory management systems, tightly controlled and accounted for.”

Liquip Victoria provides not only first class equipment but also a complete ‘turnkey’ operation that extends from supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing servicing to ensure a trouble free operation.

Onsite fuel storage can also increase work productivity and safety.

Workers remain on-site, rather than leave to refuel vehicles and equipment, completing more tasks.

Off-site refueling trips increase the risk of road accidents and equipment failure – potentially putting staff at risk. Trips to obtain fuel (detours) take time to complete and are a cost not often considered in projects, especially when large distances need to be traversed.

Councils are quickly discovering these hidden business costs alone can easily qualify a tanks purchase.

Today a large number of businesses offer on-site fuel storage and dispensing solutions. A wide variety of fuels such as ULP, diesel and bio-diesel, as well as AdBlue, oils, lubricants and waste liquids can be stored. Finding someone to sell you a tank isn’t difficult, however like all purchases, buyers need to be aware of what they are receiving.

“At Liquip Victoria we sell multiple tank ranges, all made to Australian standards. Our HOST ISO Classic range has been designed for high volume storage up to 115,000 litres, while our HOST SBT Cube range is perfect for low volume storage and where space to place a tank on a site or in an specific area is restricted,” Jim said.

“We are also 100 per cent ‘Solution Focused, Service Driven’. We care for our customers and the solutions we deliver.

“Whether it’s an AdBlue tank or stand alone AdBlue bowser to retrospectively work with an existing tank installation, a 500,000 litre diesel tank farm or our smallest cube to sit at a council depot, the same effort goes into the delivery of each one – that’s where we are different.”

If on-site fuel storage sounds like an option that can deliver for your council, call Jim Burr at Liquip Victoria on 03 9311 7822.

As part of the Liquip group he can also introduce you to HOST Self Bunded Tank suppliers in a state nearest you.

*Copy supplied by Liquip Victoria