Growers become export ready

Article image - Growers become export ready Mayor Lyn McLaughlin with Achacha Fruit Plantation CEO Bruce Hill, who will speak about his journey to export.

Burdekin Shire Council, Queensland, will hold an export forum in Ayr next month aiming to get local growers thinking about opportunities to export their produce into lucrative international markets.

Following Council’s participation in last year’s Singapore Insights delegation, led by Townsville Enterprise Limited (TEL), the 2018 Burdekin Export Forum will provide growers with the latest information on emerging markets, international opportunities and supply chains.

Burdekin Shire Council Mayor, Lyn McLaughlin, said mango producer Manbulloo and Achacha Fruit Plantation, two Burdekin businesses already exporting their products into markets around the world, will share their stories at the forum.

“We’ll also have speakers represented from across government, transport, business and agriculture.

“Council is very keen to work with local growers to explore exporting opportunities to support diversification of the local agriculture and horticulture industries. The forum will provide growers with the information needed to progress to being export ready.”

The Mayor said case studies from local and Queensland businesses would be presented to provide growers with practical insights into doing business internationally.

“The forum is also an opportunity to network, interact and learn from each other and from trade and investment service providers.”