Community-led local government*

The 2018 Future of Local Government National Summit will celebrate the local, exploring who is leading the (new) way and how they’re doing it.

It will give leading edge examples of community-led activities from around Australia and the world, and the implications for the role of local government.

For possibly the first time in history, there is a simultaneous breakdown of trust in the key social institutions: government, church and business.

People want to ‘take back control’.

It’s not the community’s job to be heard but rather the government’s job to listen.

At the 2016 Future of Local Government (FOLG) National Summit, over 200 attendees were asked to stand at the beginning of the event and then to sit down if they were satisfied with the position Local Government was in: not one person sat down!

The 2017 FOLG National Summit saw a recognition that ‘Future Shock’ is upon us, but our system of governance is disintegrating. Business as usual is not an option.

There is an urgent need to devolve power back to communities. A new Australian localism is emerging, emphasising the fundamental importance of place and place-based governance.

Local government needs to demonstrate its relevance. The sector can capture the Australian political imagination by putting people and place first.

The 2018 Summit will demonstrate the new ‘community-led’ way and the implications for local government.

International speakers include Andrew Walker (UK) on ‘beyond devolution’ and Danielle Arigoni (USA) on ‘building great neighbourhoods’; leading edge case studies from around Australia will demonstrate how community-led processes can deliver
amazing outcomes.

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*Copy supplied by MAV