A case for partnership*

May and June are important months for all those involved in Local Government.

In May the Federal Budget will be handed down. The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) has made a Budget submission, Invest in Australian Communities: Make it Local.

ALGA’s Budget submission puts a strong case for Federal initiatives in partnership with Local Government, which is responsible for the maintenance of 75 per cent of all Australian roads by length and a wide range of community infrastructure and services. Local Government raises about 90 per cent of its own revenue, but Federal funding is crucial. Among other things the ALGA submission has pushed for increased funding for transport infrastructure and the upgrading of aging community assets.

From 17-20 June the National General Assembly of Local Government will be held in Canberra. ALGA organises this conference. It is the largest and most significant annual gathering of Australian Local Government representatives. More than 800 Local Government representatives are expected to attend. Both the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have been invited.

The National General Assembly provides another opportunity for Local Government priorities to be highlighted on the national stage. As the NGA18 program Australia’s Future: Make it Local states, “The primary focus of all motions [for debate] should be to strengthen the capacity of Local Government to provide services and infrastructure in Australia.”

The conference is also an ideal opportunity for Local Government representatives to get to know each other and work together to advance the interests of their communities.

*Copy supplied by ALGA