Portal gives easy access

City of West Torrens, South Australia is delivering information to local residents via an interactive portal on Council’s website.

West Maps - public is the name of the community facing geographic information system (GIS) public portal.

Manager information Systems, City of West Torrens, Chris James said, “Rather than provide static maps, West Maps - public is a GIS tool that people use to discover information.

“It is widely used to communicate with people both via self-help and face-to-face discussions.

The system offers a standard view and a planning enquiries view, the latter by default shows planning information.  

This handy tool makes available a huge range of helpful and interesting information including:

  • aerial photography from 1948 to 2017
  • areas affected by aircraft noise
  • barbeque and drinking fountain locations
  • Council’s Boulevard of Honour - recognising returned veterans
  • Mobile Library locations
  • reserves and playgrounds
  • transport routes
  • property searches
  • heritage layers and historic conservation images plus much more.

The portal also incorporates Google Maps and Street View functions.
“This initiative has proven to be quite popular with our community, developers, elected members and our staff,” Mr James said.

Amongst its wide range of uses the portal is especially popular for discovering the history of a property and for anyone planning property developments. It is used by a range of business people as a resource to show customers information or for referring people to so they can help themselves.

The information accessible continues to grow as further council and non-council information is identified. Most recently urban heat mapping of Council and two neighbouring councils has been added.
For more information: maps.wtcc.sa.gov.au/mapviewer.