Performance review overhaul

Article image - Performance review overhaul Work Health and Safety Technical Assistant Barry Hosking and Senior Human Resources Advisor Craig Anderson

Glenorchy City Council, Tasmania undertook a major overhaul of their performance review system, a 12 months process that achieved outstanding results.

Senior Advisor Learning and Development People, Tammy McCance said since the new system had been implemented, there has been zero negative feedback.

“We were open to feedback and knew tweaks may be needed but now it’s in use, people are giving great feedback including that it’s quick and more importantly, has helped managers have a better relationship with employees. This is a fantastic outcome,” she said.

“We researched many different performance review systems and have come up with a very unique and excellent product for the organisation.”

McCance said that previously gaps in training had on occasion been identified but not always followed up and staff were not engaged in the process.

The new system alerts Human Resources Advisors early to potential issues which are then dealt with before they escalate.

“We wanted something short, straightforward and simplistic but our biggest goal was that it encouraged communication.

After drafting and testing the new system a series of training workshops was held to ensure every employee in the organisation was reached.

“The majority was really keen about the process and found it very engaging. They were impressed they could have conversations with employees, rather than just make decisions. Some had concerns about how well it would work in practice but we assured everyone, we were open to feedback.

Council wanted the new performance review system to improve communication and relationships.

General Manager, Tony McMullen said the organisation has definitely achieved that and found the work of those who produced the new system was outstanding.

“It is very rare in an organisation to get 100 per cent positive feedback and see such positive change in how managers and supervisors were interacting with employees. We are very pleased to see users of the process engaged and enthusiastic.