National Awards for Local Government (the Awards)*

Every day, local governments throughout Australia are working hard and are dedicated to bettering the lives of every day Australians and their communities.

As the closest tier of governance, local governments have a significant impact on the functioning and wellbeing of their communities – delivering real, tangible benefits for their neighbourhoods.

The National Awards for Local Government is an opportunity to celebrate the role of local governments in improving the lives of Australians. The Awards are an opportunity for local government to showcase innovative and pioneering work and be recognised by the sector.

The Awards offer more than acknowledgement of these efforts. They offer a platform for local governments to showcase and share outstanding examples of local government excellence at work. Past Category and National Award winners have increased their council profile, expanded their programs and enhanced networking opportunities. Moreover, the Awards emphasise local solutions to local problems that can be transferred and replicated elsewhere.
Award sponsors appreciate the significant contribution that local governments make to Australia and directly support individual categories. We would like to thank Woodside Energy Ltd., the Department of Communications and the Arts, and the Department of Social Services for returning as sponsors in 2018.
This year, for the first time, Local Government Professionals Australia, with Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities is sponsoring a new category – the Next Gen Local Government Leader. If you know a young local government professional doing good things, encourage them to enter these Awards.

The 2018 National Awards for Local Government (the Awards) opened for entry on Monday 22 January 2018 and will remain open for entries until 2 March 2018. Enter your project today at  

*Copy supplied by Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities