Minimising the risk

Article image - Minimising the risk Councilís Event Management team (Community Planning) discussing the Event Risk Management Workshop held last August

Lake Macquarie City Council’s Risk Initiative Program is an innovative, easy-to-implement initiative to help Council address a variety of risks and achieve an improved risk profile, culture and performance across its operations.

Council’s Corporate Risk and Compliance Officer, Amy Daley, said the program takes the annual bonus payments Council receives through the Statewide Mutual Continuous Improvement/Risk Management Action Plan and re-invests them in staff-led initiatives that further mature Council’s Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

“We seek applications from staff for projects and trials to eliminate or significantly reduce a particular risk. By funding these initiatives, we’re encouraging employees to identify, assess, rate and manage risks,” Ms Daley said.

Projects successfully funded through the inaugural program included the introduction of body cameras for Rangers, the delivery of a Risk Matters forum for event organisers at the Lake Mac Centre for Performing Arts, place activation for Charlestown Oval to deter anti-social behaviour, a risk profile survey for our beaches, and the installation of back-to-base surveillance around Council’s Administrative Centre building.

“The project has benefited Council by not only promoting effective risk management and improved decision-making but also demonstrates industry best practice and Council’s commitment strong performance in insurance and risk management.”

The program was recognised with the prestigious Statewide Mutual Risk Management Excellence Award in 2017 for the second time in just three years, for our approach to risk management.