Flying foxes move in

Article image - Flying foxes  move in The flying foxes in Machattie Park will be managed by council staff during their residency. Photograph by David McKellar.

Bathurst Regional Council is currently hosting a colony of flying foxes that has established a camp within the town’s Machattie Park.

Two types are present - grey headed and little red flying foxes.
Council met with a representative from the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to undertake an inspection of the park .
Currently there is limited damage being caused to the trees and some impact on the general amenity of the park.

General Manager David Sherley said Council was advised the flying foxes are protected under legislation.

“Council is actively working with the OEH to develop a Flying Fox Camp Management Plan,” he said. “The plan will involve strategies to deal with the flying foxes in Machattie Park without harming them and to ensure that the park is maintained for the park’s users.”

Council staff will continue to monitor the flying foxes and undertake park maintenance to keep the amenity of the area to a standard that enables it to be used by the public. In addition, staff have put in place procedures for cleaning to ensure all workplace health and safety (WHS) requirements are covered. It is not necessary to close the park at this time.

A grant application is being prepared to assist council develop a management program for the flying fox camp.

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