e-Learning for all employees

Article image - e-Learning for all employees Mandatory training time is reduced and compliance is improved as the outside workforce comes in-house to learn with CityLearn.

Since the City of Perth rolled out e-Learning in February last year they have logged more than 3500 online course completions.

The new system uses the Moodle platform – the most widely used learning management system in the world with over 68 million users worldwide.

The City of Perth’s Learning and Development team ran a naming competition internally, which resulted in the system being named CityLearn.

To encourage participation by all employees and to ensure compliance, the Learning and Development team organised for the outside workforce to complete courses in the City’s Information Technology training room.

The City’s outside workforce comprises roles ranging from construction and maintenance worker, plumber and carpenter, to horticulturist, parks operator and diesel mechanic. The employees who attended the training are usually based at the City of Perth’s depot and have limited access to computer facilities.

Last year, an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Workplace Bullying and Harassment training course was rolled out across the organisation via CityLearn.

This course was previously delivered face-to-face through half-day training.

The course is required as part of new starter onboarding and for all staff every three years as a refresher. It provides awareness for employees and managers to assist in the prevention and management of bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Since hosting this course on CityLearn, this mandatory training takes employees less than one hour to complete.

Some topics suitable for CityLearn implementation include: code of conduct, cultural awareness and competency, introduction to local government, information technology orientation, policy and security, occupational health and safety and recordkeeping.