Curbing bad butt behaviour

Article image - Curbing bad butt behaviour Douglas Shire Councilís Community and Economic Development Officer, Lisa Golding, inspects cigarette butt litter in the middle of Macrossan St, Port Douglas.

Port Douglas Shire Council conducted a cigarette butt audit early this year uncovering more than 2,200 discarded butts.

Public seating in the middle of the main street and shady garden beds emerged as popular butt flicking spots, with one tree surrounded by 277 butts.

Mayor Julia Leu said, “Council has a zero tolerance attitude towards littering and we want smokers to think about their butts before throwing their cigarettes away.”

Plastic in cigarette filters blocks drains and causes damage when swallowed by wildlife such as fish, birds and turtles.

“People who would never litter a coffee cup or food packet don’t realise the damage cigarette butts can cause.”

Council will put anti-littering stickers on mint tins, which will be upcycled and handed back to smokers to use as a personal ashtray.

“We are urging residents to hand in their mint tins to various locations across our Shire to help stop this littering,” Mayor Leu said.