Community Garden set to GROW

Article image - Community Garden set to GROW

Wollondilly Shire Council, Wollondilly Health Alliance and Community Links Wollondilly have received a $10,000 funding grant from the New State Wales State Government for a community garden partnership program.

Project GROW or ‘Garden Regeneration Of Wollondilly’ has been awarded the funding from the Community Building Partnership 2017 - Infrastructure.

Project GROW aims to promote access to healthy and affordable fruit and vegetables as well as provide volunteering opportunities.
It is also committed to delivering workshops that will demonstrate to people of all age groups and abilities how to grow and cook their own fruit and vegetables at home.

The members of the group have a few ideas on how the infrastructure money will be spent and they are now working out the most useful and practical way to make use of the funding.

Wollondilly Council’s Community Outreach Worker Candice Muzevic said, “Some of the plans to improve the garden include a storage shed, a shade shelter, water tanks and plumbing, or possibly a bush tucker garden incorporating a yarning circle.”

Based at Bonnie Cottage in Bargo, there are currently eight regular volunteers involved in the project, but organisers hope to see this number increase in the future.

Community Links Wollondilly’s Tegan Clift said, “By volunteering at Project GROW you can expect to meet new people, learn new skills and have fun.

“You also get to contribute to the establishment and maintenance of a local community project.”