Benefits for working parents

Article image - Benefits for working parents Toowoomba Council staff now have a modern, private Parents Room.

Toowoomba Regional Council in Queensland is providing its staff with increased benefits and flexibility, in particular for working parents and carers.

Toowoomba Regional Council recognised that in order to support working parents and woo their talent – and to be comparable with other organisations, in particular with State Government entitlements – they had to implement targeted strategies.
These strategies to date have resulted in an increase to paid Parental Leave, which is now 14 weeks, the introduction of a modern and private Parents Room for staff utilisation as well as the option for parents and carers to request flexibility in working hours.  
To continue on this strategic focus, Toowoomba Regional Council is now working to increase its paid Paternity Leave and implement a Working From Home Policy which will both be additional benefits for working parents and carers having to maintain their work-life balance efforts.

With approximately 1800 employees on board at Toowoomba Regional Council, this is something that the organisation can be proud of and is a step in the right direction for working parents and carers.