Airport noise fund a good first step

Article image - Airport noise fund a good first step

The Federal Government has acknowledged that airport noise is an important issue for residents of Western Sydney with a commitment of $75million to noise abatement.

 The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) President, Councillor Stephen Bali, has welcomed the announcement.

“It is critical that Western Sydney receives the same types of protections as those living around Sydney Airport, particularly in the absence of a curfew.

“While this fund will provide some reassurance to many residents, there is still much more work to be done to minimise impacts including flight path design, airport operating protocols, and appropriate land use adjacent to the airport.

“Now the money has been budgeted, we expect the government will meet the conditions outlined in the Environmental Impact Statement including: engaging with residents regarding potential noise impacts, developing aircraft ground operating procedures, seeking alternative measures where physical noise mitigation is ineffective, and establishing thorough noise monitoring and reporting arrangements.

“WSROC will also be keen to see the government’s proposed eligibility criteria for residents seeking physical noise mitigation measures in future.

“This announcement is a clear indication that airport noise is an important issue, and the federal government is reacting to the concerns of Western Sydney,” said Cr Bali.