Smaller councils need to work even smarter*

Article image - Smaller councils need to work even smarter*

Yass Valley Council located in the beautiful Southern Tablelands of New South Wales and bordering Canberra the national’s capital, has chosen to implement the MAGIQ Enterprise Council management system to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, and deliver better outcomes for its community.

“As an organisation we’ve recognised that we need to be progressive and fully embrace change in order to achieve best practice and meet our community’s increasingly high service expectations,” said Sharon Hutch, Director of Finance and Corporate, Yass Valley Council.

“In selecting a business systems vendor we were looking for a similar commitment to best practice and innovation. We’re confident MAGIQ Software is the right vendor for Yass Valley.”

Situated around 280km south-west of Sydney and 60km from Canberra, the main service town is Yass, with the towns and villages of Murrumbateman, Binalong, Bookham, Bowning, Gundaroo, Sutton and Wee Jasper supporting the outlying areas.

The region is renowned for its production of fine merino wool and in recent years many new agricultural industries have emerged including wine, alpaca studs, olives and berries.

MAGIQ Enterprise is a fully web-based, cloud deliverable suite of financial administration and council management systems. The product suite features comprehensive Finance, Payroll, Regulatory & Compliance, Revenue & Property, Community Engagement and Human Resources systems.

Yass Valley Council has used the MAGIQ Documents software suite for several years and staff were impressed with both MAGIQ Software’s customer service, and their commitment to delivering continual improvements to the product.

Sharon says this positive experience provided the initial motivation for Council to consider extending their business relationship with MAGIQ Software and to exploring MAGIQ Enterprise as a viable systems alternative.

“We were looking for a vendor who could demonstrate a real commitment to our industry and who also understood the challenges faced by smaller councils.

“As part of our evaluation process we had conversations with a number of councils that have implemented MAGIQ Enterprise and we could see a clear alignment between our customer service expectations and the service culture that MAGIQ has developed within its business.

“In terms of functionality, we undertook detailed product demonstrations and our staff were able to satisfy themselves that MAGIQ Enterprise does everything they need to do.

“Frankly there has been a real lack of viable alternative system options available and we see MAGIQ Software presenting an enormous opportunity for the local government industry, particularly for smaller councils like Yass Valley.”

Council will also implement the MAGIQ Performance Suite of Budgeting, Reporting and Analytics and Strategic Planning software and Sharon sees this as an exciting initiative that will improve the efficiency of Council’s strategic, operational and statutory reporting processes.  

 “At the end of the day it’s all about resources,” says Sharon. “For smaller councils in particular, our resources are limited, however we still need to meet the legislative and compliance requirements of our industry. So we need to work smarter and we’re confident MAGIQ is going to help us achieve that.”

*Copy supplied by MAGIQ Software