Increasing customer satisfaction

Article image - Increasing customer satisfaction Customer Service team with Chief Executive Officer Ross McKim.

Enhancing the customer service experience for residents and visitors was the driving force behind the recently launched Customer Service Plan by the City of Greater Geraldton, Western Australia.

The three-year plan includes community prioritised strategies and actions, which will be implemented to boost the customer experience, and the service they receive when exposed to the City’s staff and facilities.

The development of the plan was informed by the Customer Service Survey held earlier this year and the Customer Service Community Workshop where participants worked together to prioritise actions for implementation.

A common complaint when dealing with Local Government is the number of follow-up phone calls it takes to resolve a situation or get an answer.

The city believes it is unacceptable for any customer to make three or four calls to resolve an issue. With this in mind, a key part of the customer service plan is to establish a centralised customer contact team aiming to resolve up to 75 per cent of customer requests during the first call, which will greatly increase customer satisfaction with the organisation.

To ensure efforts to improve the overall experience for every customer, the City is inviting customers to continue to provide their feedback and suggestions for improvement.