Sportsfield usage audits*

The usage capacity of a sportsfield is defined as the amount of use that a playing surface can sustain before it deteriorates to a point where short term recovery is not achievable.

Usage at levels greater than those recommended will result in significant deterioration of the playing surface.

Winter usage is the most critical because it occurs during the period when grass growth is at its slowest and soil conditions are generally at their most fragile. Sports such as Australian Rules football, Soccer and Rugby can cause major damage to natural turf playing surfaces.

Training is also especially damaging as training drills concentrate wear over small areas (nearest goals, in front of the club rooms etc.). Severe damage in one part of the ground can make the whole ground unsuitable for use.

It is critical that usage is managed appropriately with a balance struck between allowing as much use as possible, preserving the surface and minimising the risk of injury. Sportsturf Consultants (Aust.) Pty Ltd have developed a model that estimates a sportsfields potential winter usage capacity (matches, training and casual use).

This model takes into account several factors including surface condition, turf type, soil type, drainage effectiveness, maintenance level, sport played and standard of competition.

We have been undertaking Usage Audits for local government for several years to assist with their winter sportsfield management. The audit involves; assessing the current condition of the sportsfields
determining the winter usage capacity of the sportsfields and
comparing the actual usage levels to potential usage capacity to highlight over and under used sportsfields.

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