Smart bins think outside the cube

The City of Adelaide has installed three solar-powered smart bins, which use sensor technology to automatically compact waste.

The ‘clean cube’ bins, supplied by South Australian company, Smart City Solutions, use a cloud-based system to optimise waste collection.

A wheelie bin sits inside the cube, which has a sensor that provides real-time data about the bin’s contents – meaning it is emptied only when required.

The cubes also contain a compactor, which compacts the rubbish inside when it reaches a certain level.

This enables a 120-litre bin to hold up to 960 litres of litter, which is about eight times the amount the bin would normally hold.
City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese that this partnership demonstrates an innovative, eco-friendly solution to waste management.

“Collecting public waste is a core service of Council and is critical to providing a welcoming environment for the quarter of a million people who use the city each day.

“Each year, the City of Adelaide manages over 11,824 tonnes of waste and recycling from residents, businesses, Council owned facilities and public areas.

“As Adelaide’s population grows, waste will also increase so it’s vital that our waste operations evolve with the use of technology into a fully integrated smart system.

“This smart bin technology can reduce collection frequency and costs by up to 80 per cent.”