Revving up the economy

Article image - Revving up the economy The Denison Foreshore Sprint.

A classic car race in the Shire of Irwin in Western Australia is injecting thousands into the local economy.

The Denison Foreshore Sprint and the Mid West Show and Shine took place in the Shire of Irwin on 24 September.

The event is organised by the Shire in partnership with principal organisers, Grant Woodhams, Bruce Pollock and Pete Ellis.

The Sprint involves 50 competitors racing in a time trial sprint along the foreshore and around the historic Fishermen’s Lookout Obelisk in classic cars (dated pre-1985). The winner is the competitor who has completed all three timed runs with the times accumulated to an overall lowest aggregate after applying any penalties.

The Mid West Show and Shine is a static car show, which attracts over 150 entrants from around the state to display their pride and joy.

Classic beauties to all-out street machines are on display for everyone’s enjoyment. These vehicles do not have a restricted build date so the public can expect to see classic to the modern and everything in between.

It was estimated the inaugural event held in 2016 attracted 5000 spectators and contributed $702,000 into the Dongara–Port Denison economy. Numbers have not yet been confirmed for 2017 however are likely to resemble those from 2016.

Due to all available accommodation being utilised in 2017, it is estimated that a large percentage of attendees stayed overnight in Dongara, Port Denison, this increases and extends the average daily spend.

It also suggest the visitor were attending from areas beyond what would comfortably be considered a day trip.

Local community and sporting groups are invited to utilise the event as a fundraising opportunity by holding food stalls and catering for the event.

The Shire encourages this by minimising the amount of food vendors that are granted permits to attend the day.

The Shire believes that by working strategically on the events the whole community has the potential to profit from the influx of visitors to the area.

It is the intention of organisers that the event grows and continues into the future as a source of entertainment and an economic boost through tourism for Dongara and Port Denison.