Regional collaboration on tourism

Article image - Regional collaboration on tourism Port Pirie has produced a biennial Southern Flinders Visitor Guide to promote the region.

Port Pirie Regional Council is leading collaboration between neighbouring South Australian councils to create a regional tourism and events strategy.

The Southern Flinders Ranges Tourism & Events Strategy and Action Plan has been developed to act as a blueprint and guide for the tourism development activities of the Southern Flinders Ranges and key tourism industry stakeholders both within and external to the region.

Port Pirie Regional Council has developed the strategy and plan in partnership with the neighbouring councils – Northern Areas Council, the District Council of Mount Remarkable, the District Council of Orroroo Carrieton and the District Council of Peterborough.
Port Pirie has a proud history of working with these councils on tourism development and opportunities.

The Southern Flinders Regional Tourism Authority, comprising representatives from these councils, Regional Development Australia and the South Australian Tourism Commission, implemented many cycle tourism and product development initiatives for over 10 years.
Port Pirie has also produced a biennial Southern Flinders Visitor Guide to support the regional tourism industry.

Some of the key priorities highlighted in the Plan include: creating a Southern Flinders Ranges entity; revamping the region’s marketing strategy; redeveloping the Port Pirie Visitor Information Centre model (both staffing and interior design); enhancement of current trails and development of further self-guided tours; and further development of nature-based tourism.

The Plan will be taken to each of the councils for endorsement before being taken out for community consultation in the coming months.