Tools for conflict resolution

In early September, staff at West Tamar Council in Tasmania participated in specialised training to develop strategies for conflict resolution within the workplace and for dealing with difficult customers.

The session was lead by Ken Warren, a relationship specialist who helps teams to perform at their very best, and learn how to tackle relationships by understanding the processes to resolve conflict.
Some of his tips included discussions on why relationships go wrong, why are they so important in a workplace, how you can be misunderstood, exploring solutions together, and finding a helpful mindset to come to an agreement.

With many members of staff frequently coming into contact with local residents, contractors and a variety of other bodies, this training was important to revisit the skills required to handle the difficult situations, which may arise.

Staff engaged in discussions of real world examples and how they overcame them, as well as highlighting recent experiences, which have previously been dealt with well in the workplace environment.
The West Tamar Council employ many staff who work across different sites throughout the municipality on a large range of varying projects.

Gathering together for the training provided a valuable opportunity to also grasp a better understanding of the challenges faced by each department.

As a result of the training, West Tamar Council staff now have the tools to work more easily with different personalities at work, handle difficult conversations well with colleagues and customers, and build more positive and supportive relationships at work.