Quality feedback no fear*

Social Pinpoint provides the right tools for taking the risk out of online engagement.

Interactive online engagement doesn’t have to be fear-inducing. In fact, we’ve found it to be the opposite so long as you’re willing to listen and be open to changing your mind.

We can all agree nothing beats a good face-to-face conversation, but it often fails to capture the voices of the silent majority – the time-poor, busy families, young people, elderly. As the idiom advises, ‘go to where the people are’. We are online more than ever before.

How to reduce risk in online engagement

  • Build trust - Your community is more likely to give honest, valuable feedback when they trust your organisation. Building a sense of community online can help build trust, respect and in turn ownership over the conversation.
  • Educate - Educate them about your project, plan or proposal. The more they understand the reasoning behind a decision, the more willing people are to participate in a healthy discussion. Remember, your community is directly affected by your project decisions, so make it easy for them to get involved.
  • Manage your communications - Managing risks in online engagement is as simple as choosing the right tool for the job and risk profile of the organisation. The leading online engagement tools, including Social Pinpoint, have powerful profanity filters and approval options for easy moderation. Unlike social media, Social Pinpoint encourages respect and participant moderation. It creates a safe space where you set the rules and maintain control of the conversation.
  • It’s a journey - Building an engaged community takes time and commitment. Bring the community in early, and keep the communication two-way.

Online engagement doesn’t need to be risky. It is as simple as choosing the right tool for the job.

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*Copy supplied by Social Pinpoint