Promoting wellbeing for young and old

The City of Gosnells in Western Australia seeks to ensure residents of all ages have opportunities to stay mentally and physically healthy.

One such program is the King of the Hill Skate Park Series, which creates awareness of mental health issues and reduces the stigma attached to accessing mental health services, particularly among males aged 12 to 24 years.

The skateboard competitions were run in collaboration with three neighbouring cities, Headspace Armadale and the Canning/Gosnells Youth Collaboration Action Network.

More than 1000 people turned out for the series, with Headspace youth workers reporting they made good connections with young people.

The City has also created a mobile youth space called ‘Nomad’, which takes activities and information about local support services for young people to parks and places where they gather.

Through actively engaging youth where they congregate, the City can address and support young people to make positive and ongoing connections.

Other youth programs focus on life skills, building self-confidence and developing leadership abilities.

Mentors provide support and encouragement, serve as positive role models, and assist young people to recognise their potential and set positive goals.

For local seniors, the City follows the World Health Organisation’s Three Pillars of Active Ageing – participation, health and wellbeing, and safety – when organising programs and events.

Social activities encourage connections provide opportunities for participants to form ongoing friendships, reduce social isolation and focus on general health and wellbeing.

Programs range in cost and location to ensure seniors of varying ages and abilities have options to participate.

The City also provides a number of volunteering opportunities and links local groups requiring volunteers with potential volunteers in the community.

Further, the City recognises the important role that sport and recreation clubs play within the local community and has a Club Development Officer to assist with building the capacity of clubs.