Resilient structure reduces dune impact*

Previously, multiple trodden pathways criss-crossed the sand dunes between Braziers Road and the Yanchep lagoon beach, Western Australia.

As beach goers accessed and left an increasingly popular beach from multiple points, the damage to the natural surroundings increased.
The City of Wanneroo implemented a Foreshore Management Plan, seeking to protect and enhance the environmental, landscape, heritage and recreation values of the area.

Landmark Products was asked to design and supply a solution to minimise damage to the sand dunes.

It was delivered in the form of a 100-metre concrete pathway, an environmental perimeter fence along the path, and a set of aluminium stairs with lookout platform and integrated bench seats.

The pedestrian access staircase, though built in the harsh salt-aired environment, boasts a 100 year lifespan.

The entire project took two weeks from start to finish including soil stabilisation and revegetation surrounding the project. Diamond Pier footings, which don’t require heavy machinery to install, meant there was minimum disruption to the location.

Beach goers now approach and leave with no disruption to the dunes, courtesy of the Landmark pedestrian access structure that rises 7.2 metres from beach to top landing.

There are seven landings in total and six sets of steps, each with seven rises, and a 3m x 3m viewing platform with bench seating toward the top.

All stair treads and the platform deck are Open Grid FRP (fibre reinforced polymer) throughout, allowing sand to pass through the open grate design.

In the event of changing conditions of the dunes, the entire structure can be easily relocated.
*Copy supplied by Landmark