New drinking water stations reduce waste*

The City of Ryde has installed ten new Aquafil drinking water stations as part of a recent Environmental Protection Authority ‘Waste Less, Recycle More’ Grant.

They are positioned throughout popular sporting venues and walking tracks, offering useful and attractive amenity to the community.
The Aquafil stations each feature a drinking fountain, two water bottle refill taps and a dog bowl. They also feature printed signage on the external panels to communicate the benefits of drinking water to the community.

The council hopes the water stations will encourage locals to make healthier lifestyle choices - and save money - by promoting tap water consumption over bottled soft drinks. With over 160 million drink containers littered in New South Wales every year, encouraging bottle refilling will also help reduce generation of unnecessary plastic waste.

 “Kicking your bottled water habit and switching to tap with a reusable bottle is a win-win-win for the environment, your health and your back pocket”, says City of Ryde Mayor, Councillor Bill Pickering.
City of Ryde has more than 18 Aquafil stations in operation.
Designed and assembled by a specialist team in Western Sydney, the stations provide a robust and cleverly engineered system integrating both water dispensing and graphic signage.

“We designed the station to fit seamlessly into urban environments”, explains Aquafil’s Product Development Manager, Adrian Wilson.
“They are engineered to withstand really harsh environments through clever structural design and attention to detail. We get really great feedback on the units and their low maintenance requirements from councils all the time”

*Copy supplied by ArrowAlpha