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Toro Australia is a manufacturer and supplier of advanced irrigation products, turfcare machinery and garden maintenance equipment with customer support networks in every state of Australia.

Municipalities and sporting bodies across the country entrust Toro Australia to provide product support, system commissioning and ongoing training for their irrigation systems and turf care maintenance.

Irrigation Training and Support
Toro conducts half day Electrical Troubleshooting for Irrigation Systems courses nationally: interactive, municipal and commercial, control system wiring, electrical trouble shooting, basic electricity principles and small groups

At the completion of the course the attendees will have the ablity to quickly identify and resolve electrical faults in irrigation control systems.

“A thorough and enjoyable basic course, presented by knowledgeable speakers.  The best part for me is having staff that have a better capacity to diagnose, communicate and correct in-field faults and issues themselves as a result”, said Brad Baptist, Senior Turf Curator, Programmed Property Services.

Sentinel Central Control Systems – Training and Commissioning
highly experienced trainers

  • in-field maintenance
  • basic and advanced options
  • central system functionality
  • flow optimisation
  • content tailored to site conditions
  • new and existing sentinel systems and
  • overview of toro’s 24/7 National Support Network (NSN™).

Owen Bolitho, Horticultural Manager, National Arboretum Canberra said, “I feel confident using the Sentinel system and my staff now have a basic understanding of how it works. Our trainer was very knowledgeable and explained all the functions well.”

To find out more about Toro’s training courses or to register your interest email [email protected] and mention LG FOCUS to receive $20 off your choice of training course for each participant. 

Offer ends 31 October 2017.
*Copy supplied by Toro Australia