Bicycle parking facilities*

Bicycle transport has become an increasingly popular choice for commuters and recreation enthusiasts.

It is well understood that councils and residents enjoy significant environmental and health benefits by increasing bicycle use. Local Government can play a key role in encouraging bicycle use by providing end of trip facilities, such as secure and effective bicycle parking racks.

Cora Bike Rack is Australia’s leading manufacturer of bicycle parking systems. Cora Bike Rack provides secure, attractive and cost effective bicycle rack designs that surpass AS2890.3 and Austroads Part 14 guidelines. Designed for ease of use and installation, Cora products encourage bicycle use, enhance streetscapes and are highly recommended by cycling advocates, municipal engineers and architects.

“Brisbane City Council has been using Cora Bike Racks for many years, and has installed over 75 racks of various sizes and some 150 holding rails in that time,” said a Council Project Officer. “Bike riders like the design as they can lock in both the wheel and frame and bikes can be put in the rack from both sides. They are practical, versatile and quite stylish.”

All Cora products have an industry leading 15 year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

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* Copy supplied by Cora